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Evolution: Cosmic, Biological, and Social ("Эволюция: Космическая, биологическая и социальная". Альманах на английском языке)

Evolution: Cosmic, Biological, and Social (

Evolution: Cosmic, Biological, and Social ("Эволюция: Космическая, биологическая и социальная". Альманах на английском языке)

Код: А-2/1

This issue initiates a series of almanacs with Evolution as its general title; these almanacs are aimed at the consolidation of those researchers who study all the possi-ble types of evolutionary processes. The interdisciplinary studies have demonstrated their effectiveness, whereas the study of evolution is one of the most fruitful areas of interdisciplinary knowledge where representatives of natural, mathematical, and so-cial sciences, as well as the humanities can find a common field for their research. The Almanac is designed to present to its readers the widest possible spectrum of subjects and problems: from the approaches of the universal evolutionism to the analysis of particular evolutionary regularities in the development of biological, abiotic, and social systems, culture, cognition, language, etc. The first section of the Almanac presents a general sketch of the universal evolu-tion, its main phases, vectors, and trends. The second section is dedicated to the prob-lems of comparisons of different types of macroevolution, as well as to the possibili-ties to use achievements of certain fields of evolutionary research in its other fields. The third section deals with major issues of social evolution. The topics of all the sections and articles intertwine rather tightly, that actually transforms the present issue of the Almanac into a collective monograph dedicated to the search for con-tours and instruments of evolutionary megaparadigm. The Almanac's articles present a wide panorama of the application of various approaches and concepts in the frame-work of this emergent general paradigm that will allow to detect in a much more ef-fective way both fundamental similarities and essential differences between different types of evolutionary dynamics. This Almanac will be useful both for those who study interdisciplinary macro-problems and for specialists working in focused directions, as well as for those who are interested up to a certain degree in the evolutionary issues of astrophysics, geol-ogy, biology, history, anthropology, linguistics, and so on.


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